Aaron is Utah's
Green Real Estate Agent

Green Designation
Aaron holds the National Association of Realtors Green Designation, and helps clients realize their green real estate and lifestyle goals.
Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
You may have seen our LEAF driving around town. Zero emissions and 160 MPGe.
Otherwise, we drive a Hybrid Highlander.
Aaron is the only Realtor in Utah with a
Masters Degree in Ecopsychology, the study of the soul in the home. This provides us an intellectual edge in Green Real Estate.
Solar PV System
Our home and electric vehicle are powered by a
7.84 kilowatt SolarEdge system comprised of 28
280 watt panels.
Recycled Marketing
Our marketing strategy includes postal mail and door hangers. These products are made from recycled materials.
Community Efforts
Aaron leads the Sandy City Sustainability
Focus Group and is a board member of the
Utah Society for Environmental Education

If you value sustainability, look no further than Living Wasatch and contact Aaron today!


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