Our Real Estate Story

Moving to Utah

When we returned to Utah in 2009 we wanted to buy a home in Sandy where Aaron is from, but it was out of our budget. Having lived in Idaho, we liked the similar country feel of Eagle Mountain and the house our money could buy. Here we installed all the landscaping and sprinklers, and built nearly 600 feet of fence! While digging the fence post holes we realized that the poor, rocky soil would not suit our gardening desires. And, we disliked the long commute, amongst other things. We wanted to move, yet we were under water on our home on Weeping Cherry Lane.

From Homeowners to Renters

It was a hard decision, but we rented out our home in Eagle Mountain and moved into a duplex in Holladay a third of the size. We were really nervous about this choice, but we immediately loved being closer to everything! Enjoying this new found time, we both started working from home for a college, downsized to one car, and learned a love for the simple life. Plus, a huge benefit of renting... no house projects!

Our Second Home

After a year of renting we learned that we could use our rental income from Weeping Cherry to offset that mortgage and qualify for a second home! It was 2012 and Sandy values had come down, so we bought Peach Blossom. It was only $200 more per month than our rent and we loved the feeling of owning a home in Sandy where we originally wanted to be! And, to be honest, we missed doing house projects. Here we remodeled the kitchen with recycled glass countertops, laid tile, and tried the trowel at drywall.

Our Third Home

By now it was 2014. Nichelle had been promoted at her job and Aaron had become a marketing manager for a real estate team, where he was encouraged to get his license. Having just had Ryan, it felt time to upgrade. Aaron's first real estate transaction was our third home on Wood Rose Circle. We just couldn't pass it up. The price was so good, and it was a fantastic opportunity to do our first "flip." Here Aaron laid nearly 2000 square feet of hardwood flooring, tiled a beautiful backsplash and fireplace surround, remodeled the kitchen, built a 10-foot fence, and laid a flagstone fire pit.

Our Fourth and Current Home

While all this moving around might not seem ideal, it didn't bother us so much, and kind of became a part of us. We enjoy the process of home improvement, and the cashflow that we generated with each new property was extra income that in the end allowed us to qualify for a home that we wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. We love our current home, and now that we are in an excellent location we're staying! We sold our three rental properties and used the money to install a metal roof, solar panels, and remodel our basement.

Most Recently, a Cabin

Selling our rental properties left us feeling like something was missing. Investment property had become such a part of our journey that it didn't seem right to not have something. We decided that a cabin would be a great investment that we could Airbnb to generate cash flow, and also make memories with our family. After searching for nearly a year, we stumbled upon this amazing cabin while on a camping trip.

We hope our real estate story inspires you. With some sacrifice and hard work, you too can own multiple properties that will set you up for the rest of your life. We encourage you to try it, and can show you how!